Sunday MM Salon: Your Next New Retro-Car – What Will It Be?

Want a retro-mobile, but the Mini, Fiat 500, NewNew Beetle and Mustang just aren’t making it for you? So what will it be? Here’s your chance to design the next hot retro-mobile. Just give a few parameters, including some basic technical details (engine, platform, etc) to make it semi-feasible. Executives from all the major manufacturers are eagerly awaiting your responses. Here’s mine:

Big surprise, eh? My first car, and one of the most influential ever. I just can’t resist. Now building it is going to be a bit trickier. An elongated Porsche 911 platform? That won’t exactly be cheap. Maybe save a few bucks and install a Subaru boxer in the back, with a turbo option, of course. It’s time to bring 360 degree visibility back, as well as a rear engines.

Your turn: