Sunday Salon: When Was The Last Time You Rode In The Front Middle Seat Of A Sedan?

It wasn’t in a Dodge Aries, I hope. Maybe the question should have been: Has anyone ever ridden in the front middle seat of a K-Kar? If you have, I offer my condolences.  Per the original question, for me, it was in my Dad’s Taurus. It must have been for a short, quick hop somewhere in Towson. A lot of us needed to get in, so I took the least popular seat. In a strange sort of way, it proved theraputic, since my father could never bear to have someone sit next to him in the front seat–too much risk of skin contact, you see. In our ’62 Fairlane, four of us rode in the back seat and another took turns riding shotgun next to him. I felt vaguely guilty during my single turn up there on our three-day trip to New York, knowing that my pregnant mother sat in the back with my siblings, two older and one younger. Make that four-and-a-half back there.

How about you?