Superlatives Sunday Finale: The 1911 Fiat S76 – 28 Liters From Four Cylinders

Fiat S76 color

I’m sure most you have seen this one before, but the “Beast of Turin” never fails to impress me. Built in 1911 to take the world’s fastest car title from the 21 liter “Blitzen Benz”, the Fiat S76 had a four cylinder engine with a bore of 7 1/2″ and stroke of 9 27/32″, for a total displacement of 1729 cubic inches. Its output was 300 hp at a thunderous  1800 rpm, enough to do the trick: 187 kmh (116 mph), a certified run at Saltburn, UK. A later run on the sandy flats of Ostende yielded 137 mph, but did not make the record books for lack of a return run. Contrary to popular myth, it was not an “airship engine”, although a later Fiat airship engine did use the same bore and stroke. Last but not least: Torque was rated at 2000 lb/ft.

image: mrscharoo’sphotostream