Taxis Of Eugene Outtake: Honda Accord – An Old One At That

CC 221 004 950

I’ve been documenting the taxis of Eugene for a while, but this gen5 Accord (1994-1997) has been elusive, doing everything it can to escape my camera. It’s trying mighty hard here again, but I managed to catch a blurred shot of it as it raced off to another fare. Needless to say, this is pretty old to be in taxi service, and it might well be the oldest cab in town, from what I’ve seen (update: there’s a whole bunch of Previas still in taxi service ). But then these Accords developed a rep for being extremely long-lived.

CC 221 005 950

It was increasingly common to read and hear about Accords of this vintage running 400, 500 and 600k miles in long-distance commuter work in California and such. Two different acquaintances bought used wagon versions; one had just over 300k on the odometer when they bought it, but it gave them great service for years and then they gave it to their daughter. The other one is still being driven by the other family; I don’t know how many miles are on it, but it’s given them stellar service. I wonder how many miles are on this cab? I’ll have to hail him sometime. Or his Accord.