CC Mini Project: Rambler Hub Cap Clock


I recently restored a very poor condition Rambler partial hub cap I’d purchased on a whim at the local scrapyard. It cleaned up but rather nicely, but I couldn’t think of anything to do with it. I am unlikely to own a Rambler equipped with three hub caps, but I got the idea to make a clock out of it–why not, right?


When I found it some years ago, it was sitting next to an unfortunately looking 1963 Rambler. Despite its poor condition, I could not let it get crushed so I felt compelled to buy it. At five dollars, it was likely overpriced.


It cleaned up surprisingly well with lots of dish soap, steel wool and elbow grease.


It had been sitting around my garage for a while before I got the idea of converting into a retro-style wall clock. I sourced an inexpensive donor clock for the project from a local dollar store.


Make sure the clock can be disassembled without wrecking it; many lower-end clocks are not meant to be taken apart.


The only bits required from the donor clock. Not a high-end Swiss movement model by any means, but suitable for my needs.


I very carefully drilled a hole in the center of the hub cap. I initially used a small bit and worked my way larger.


The hub cap surface is very smooth and thus hard for paint to adhere to. I also did not happen to have any red paint, so I raided my wife’s nail polish collection where I found a suitable red. It covered remarkably well and dried very fast.


The final result. Not bad for a sub ten-dollar investment, all in. The clock probably still will not rank inclusion in the house, but I suspect it will find its way to my office wall soon.