Curbside Question: What Is The Coolest Car You’ve Ridden In, Ever?

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Here’s a good one! What is the coolest car you have ever ridden in? I’ll go first. For me, the coolest car I’ve driven was a 1923 Ford Model T. But when it comes to riding, I have to go with this car. A 1941 Lincoln Continental coupe, owned by a friend and member of my church, this hunter green ’41 Connie is an absolutely wonderful car, and at the top of those I’ve personally experienced.

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Back in 1997, when I was still in high school, Wayne told my dad that we should come out to his place sometime and see his old cars. So we did one bright September day, and while the highlight was driving his 1923 Model T tourer in the “back 40” of his farm, the best ride occurred when he took me and my dad for a spin in his 1941 Continental.

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Out on the two-lane, Wayne accelerated to 55-60, and that car rode just like a cloud. I rode up front, and my dad sat in the commodious back seat. What a wonderful ride! What a wonderful car!

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Adding icing to the cake was this car’s stunning originality. Only 45K original miles on the clock, and a totally original car–paint, Bedford Cord-and-leather interior, 24K gold interior fittings, etc. It is, to this day, a highlight of my gearhead life. Last year, it was entered in a local car show, adjacent to the Great Race meetup in LeClaire Park in downtown Davenport. Naturally, I had to get some pictures.

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And now, back to you, our readers. What was the coolest car YOU ever had the pleasure of riding in?

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