Thank You Perry! (And A Note About Submissions)

CC 236 220 1200 cropPerry shopping for his next ride

When I hired Perry Shoar last spring to help me run CC, it was understood to likely be a temporary gig to give me more time for my other projects during the spring and the summer re-rental season. Well, I didn’t really cut back my CC hours all that much, but it did allow me to have some breathing room when I needed it. And we got a bit ambitious with the content and number of posts per day too. Perry’s particular interest and knowledge of the cars of more recent decades, especially Japanese, has really enhanced our coverage.

But there just isn’t enough ad revenue to support both of us, let alone even one properly. So it’s time for me to move back indoors full time and for Perry to hit the books for his nursing board certification. So I reluctantly bid Perry adieu, and gird my loins for going solo again. Which brings up a related issue about submissions.

No, I’m not putting out an appeal for more, at least not right at the moment, since I’m facing a substantial backlog of submissions. I will get to them as soon as possible, but if you have submitted something but not heard from me yet, send me an e-mail at (the old submission e-mail is going dormant).

Going forward, we’re going to push much harder to have essentially all/most submissions be done directly at CC. Putting together posts from e-mail texts and images is a bit tedious and time consuming, and creating posts directly in CC is really no more difficult than using a word processor and adding images. Word Press blog software is very commonly used.

If you are a first-time contributor, send me just the text alone to that e-mail address above (and in the Submissions Page), so that I can decide whether it’s suitable or not (the overwhelming percentage are). If it’s approved, then I will give you access to create your post directly in CC. The CC Writer’s Guide, accessible in the top menu bar, has all the details for doing that. You will have to be a registered Subscriber at CC in order for me to upgrade you to Contributor and give you access to the back end.

If you have a one-time submission and you really don’t want to use Word Press, let me know, and I’ll put it together for you. But any recurring Contributors will need to create their posts directly. I just don’t have the time otherwise.