The Best And Worst Selling Cars Of 1985 (And All 159 In Between)

CC 149 068 950The best selling passenger car in 1985

(first posted 1/30/2013. I can’t vouch for its accuracy or completeness)   In addition to documenting the best selling cars from some 170 countries around the globe, Matt Glasnier of has taken on the Herculean but useful task of compiling US historical car sales data. He’s starting with 1985, which is in the heart of the Curbside Classic era, so I thought it would interesting to revisit those sales stats, as well as to see how many of all 161 models ranked I’ve shot so far. I was somewhat surprised on both accounts.

Matt has given us kind permission to post his whole table. It looks good, but I suspect there might be some issue with the Chevrolet C10 number, which looks suspiciously low, maybe because the K-Series 4x4s are not included. And of course, the Ford F-Series includes F100, F150 and F250 models.

1985 1 - 34

CC 23 013 800

1985 2

CC 35 066

1985 3

CC 104 062 800

1985 4

CC 72 131 800

1985 5

Biggest surprise (or not)? The Japanese hadn’t yet totally dominated the top passenger cars sales ranks. But note that Honda Accord sales are broken into two categories; US and Japanese origin. Combined, the Accord sold some 256k units, and would rightly have the #8 sales spot. But all that would change very soon.

As I mentioned at the top, I thought I’d check my files to see how many of these vehicles I’ve shot and have in my files (some may not be the exact year, but very close). The only ones I haven’t found yet are the Renault Alliance and Encore, Dodge Charger, Plymouth TC3, Renault Fuego, and the very lowly but beautiful Peugeot 604, of which all of 13 were sold, left-overs from its last year in 1984.  But I will find one someday…

peugeot 604-1image: