The Buick, Dubai 2009

French photographer Cédric Delsaux’s series “Dark Lens” injects lots of Star War characters into ultra-realistic cityscapes, along with a sense of humor, and in two examples, old cars. This one, “The Buick, Dubai 2009” has a perhaps battle-weary corps of droids resting against a ’75 (?) Buick Electra. Perhaps not surprisingly, Delsaux is also a commercial automotive photographer, with several car companies as clients (not Buick, I suspect).

The whole gallery is here, but I’ll show the other car-based one after the jump.

This one is called CPO and the White Visa, Paris 2005. BTW, the Citroën Visa was a small car built from the late seventies through the late eighties, designed essentially to replace the aging 2CV. Quite the contrast from the Buick.