The Car To Own For Thirty Years (And 500K Miles): Nobody Picked The Fiat Brava, Except This Guy

Who would have thought someone would pick a Porsche 928 or Bentley Turbo R as the car to be their low-cost daily driver for thirty years? Awesome! I suspect I didn’t word the question quite right, because I meant which car would get you through those thirty years with the very least amount of trouble, repairs and total expenses. Given that the responses included Rolls Royce, various Lincoln Marks, a 280ZX Turbo, Monte Carlo Turbo, 911 Turbo, Cadillac Biarritz…well, either I really didn’t make that clear, or you guys are just damn passionate and willing to do what it takes. Works for me. And the answers were certainly more colorful than the 1981 Corolla or Starlet I would have picked (for lowest total operating cost).

The reality is anything can be kept going, with the right attitude, maintenance and getting to know your car’s strengths and weaknesses. Like Gil Cormaci, who’s racked up over 500k miles on his 1980 Fiat Brava. He drives it 150 miles  daily on his Southern California commute. And here’s what he says it takes to keep the Fiat rolling:

“Fiats are great cars, but were misunderstood and abused by drivers who didn’t properly care for them, Cormaci argues. He is in the process of restoring a 1969 Fiat Coupe.

“We actually had three Fiats,” Cormaci lamented. “We had a 128, but that isn’t with me anymore.”

The secret to Fiat immortality: “He attributed the longevity of his Fiat Brava to regular oil changes, routine mechanics visits and smooth, moderately-paced driving.”

Unfortunately, he may be the only one to do so. I’d love to find a Brava (or 128, 124 sedan or Strada) for a CC, but no such luck.