The Cars Of Tintin: Can You Identify Them All?

(first posted in 2011, and expanded in 2013)

Perhaps the Belgian comic books Tintin by Hergé were not so big in most American households, but they certainly played a significant role in ours. And although my son probably was more swept up in the stories than identifying the nicely rendered cars as we read them, for me it was the other way around. It was such a refreshing change from the typical featureless cars in comics and kids’ books, with a few exceptions. And although I could identify most of them at the time, there were a few obscure ones that stumped me. No more, now that I’ve stumbled unto the devoted work of one Francois de Dardel, who has scrutinized and identified them all. I’ve picked a random few to test yourself, or just enjoy. If you need help, place your cursor over the picture.

Tintin Herald

Tintin 1930 truck

Tintin olds bugatti

Tintin Willys

Tintin Bordurian

Tintin MB300

Tintin Dodge

Tintin tow truck

Tintin Ami6-1

Tintin 1930 Lincoln

Tintin Peugeot403

Tintin 48 fordOrNoir03

Tintin Limo

Tintin Humber

Tintin saurer

Tintin Packard1

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