The CC Cohort – Not The Lost Legion, Hopefully

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I tend to forget that we constantly add new visitors to CC, and things that we take for granted may not be obvious. Shortly after starting CC, I thought it would be good to have an affiliated site where everyone could share their curbside finds, as well as to create a source for inspiring posts on the main CC page. Hence the CC Cohort flickr page. Here’s the details.

It’s a dedicated group within the huge photo-sharing site. The link to the CC Cohort (def: A group of people banded together or treated as a group) is on the upper black menu bar “CC Cohort”. New images are uploaded by our many poster there almost daily. Anyone can comment on them. It’s a remarkable collection of cars from around the world, and I often draw from it for posts to round out our coverage. Thank you to all the Cohort posters; if I’m ever feeling the need for a bit of fresh inspiration, I always find it there. I don’t really need to leave the house anymore. 🙂

To post to the CC Cohort, one needs to open a (free) flickr account, and joint the CC Cohort group. I don’t post there myself, but if one of our Cohort would like to add some more details about the upload process, or any related issues, please do so. And please visit, of course.

CC Cohort