The Official CC Graveyard Tour: Part One – The Corvairs

(first posted 8/15/2011. It’s still there, although some of the cars have been sold)     Almost a year ago, I showed you pictures of the Official CC Graveyard, but from the outside. Now, I have pictures from the inside (don’t ask; don’t tell, but my back is a bit sore this morning), some 200 of them. And there are some surprises. Since a complete tour would choke our mini-server, we’ll break it up into bite sized morsels.  And since it’s Corvair week…

And all are gen1 Vairs, except for a lone gen2 sedan, which was a bit of an odd duck. I also have more information on this history of this sacred resting place, thanks to a comment that arrived on the first post belatedly.

A comment by “Darnell’s Auto Wrecking” sheds some light:

That was Scott & Sons Auto Wrecking, which ceased operations circa 2005. Many of those cars were in the old lot on 6th and Fillmore or the former J&W Towing lot near 2nd and Chambers. I’m hoping to be able to buy the Hillman Imp and a 1978 Dodge Magnum that was in the J&W inventory, started and ran nicely for me when I looked at it initially in 2004 and shouldn’t be too hard to put back on the road. All of the cars are for sale and many are advertised on the Eugene Craigslist in the spring & summer.

Well, that makes some sense. It’s clear that these cars were junkers, but that the owners made sure to keep the ones that they either thought might be of some value one day, or just couldn’t bear to scrap. They’re mostly grouped by manufacturer, and clearly certain cars caught their eyes more than others. Including Corvairs. We’ll be back for more soon.

But before we leave, I’ll throw in a random shot, since not all of them are so clearly grouped.

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