The Only 1969 Camaro With A Four Cylinder Cummins Diesel

(first posted 8/13/2012)    Do a google search for “Camaro engine swaps” and 891,000 results come up, of which probably 890,999 have to do with some variation of a bow tie V8. Boring. But add “four cylinder” to the search, and things get a bit more interesting. Like this ’69 that sports a Cummins diesel 4BT. Now that’s guaranteed to turn some ears!

When I did the search, I thought maybe someone somewhere might have done a Camaro version of the “Eco-Boost Edsel“, with a turbo Eco-Tec four. Or the world’s first veggie-oil burner with an Isuzu diesel four. Or maybe in an act of irony, an Iron Duke four, the ultimate Anti-Establishment ’69 Camaro. So actually, this was a bit of a disappointment, but you take what google giveth.

In this case, it’s a Cummins 4BT, the four cylinder version of what resides in so many Dodge pickups and motorhomes. And in true ’69 Camaro engine swap tradition, it’s been warmed up. The rotating assembly has been balanced, and it sports a Scheid camshaft and 5,000 rpm valve springs. The exact power output is not given in the article at, but the owner does say these mills can put out 600 hp reliably. With a healthy plume of black smoke, I expect.

The Cummins four weighs in at 760 lbs, not much different than an iron big block. But its oil pan sure does hang low. Easy on the wheelies!