The Painted Cars of Eugene Outtake: Toyota Paseo – Mer-Car-Baa Edition

CC 260 004 1200 crop

Custom paint paint jobs are a fairly common sight in Eugene, but not in the way most car guys might think of that term. It’s an arty thing, like this Paseo sporting a mermaid-themed do-over. 

CC 260 001 1200

Let’s just say that the odds of a guy driving this Paseo are very low; that would probably be somewhat the case even if it hadn’t been so gracefully redecorated.

CC 260 002 1200

Maybe that round mandala-style painting in the center of the hood has some powerful effect on the Paseo’s 1.5 L four, so that it would run on fairy dust and unicorn farts.

CC 260 003 1200

Or just emit unicorn farts.

CC 260 006 1200


The Toyota logo has been nicely incorporated into the painting. All is love.