The Rambler I Forgot That Existed

Actually, not only have I never seen the elusive Rambler Country Club coupe, I can honestly say that I forgot it existed. Yes, the original little Rambler with the fold back roof sedan from the early fifties was unforgettable,

especially since Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane drove one in the Superman TV series. But a year after it came out (1950), it also got this hardtop coupe version. I’ll take their word for it, because I sure never saw one. But then that goes for a lot of early-mid fifties Nash and Ramblers.

I arrived in the US in 1960, and Ramblers were quite hot then, but mostly they were 1958s and later. I know cars didn’t last as long, but there were plenty of old Chevies and Plymouths from the early fifties still plying the roads of Iowa then. But old Nashes and Ramblers? Pretty rare birds indeed.

And frankly, I find myself having to grab my Encyclopedia of American cars more often for old AMC cars from the pre-1958 or so era than even for Studebakers. The transition from big Nashes to Ramblers, but with Ambassadors in the mix was a bit complicated, and having never really focused on them as a kid, I still struggle with them now. That’s why we do AMC week; a chance to learn something new, or re-learn what I long forgot.

I would have loved to do a more comprehensive history of AMC, but I’m too crunched right now. But another time, for sure. I still need more brushing up!