The Slantback Rear Window Goes Global – Did I Forget Someone? (Updated: Yes I Did)

The Mercury Breezeway’s Breezeway slantback rear window may have been just a short breath of recycled (from the Lincoln) air in the US styling continuum, but it made a bigger and more lasting impact abroad. Harry Potter’s favorite (wheeled) ride, the Ford Anglia (1959 – 1967), had a perfectly scaled down version, minus the complicated Breezeway window of course. That was strictly an expensive toy for those well-heeled yanks. Other manufacturers took aim with a cleaver on their clays as well:

Typically for the French, the Citroen Ami takes the idea to its most eccentric and daring extreme. The whole trunk is practically covered here.

Ford of England was particularly keen on it, and the larger Consul Classic (1961 – 1963) proudly showed off its slantback,  as well as a star-studded grille. I fancy that.

That famous British maker of fibreglass three-wheelers, Reliant (formerly Bond), also got in the act. Their Regal appeared a few years later sporting a very Anglia-esque rear roofline.

Here’s one next to an Anglia. Now that’s what Harry should have been driving/flying.

And let’s not forget the Invacar, a specially designed scooter for war-injured invalids. A minor redesign in the later sixties sported the popular theme here too.

Maybe island nations had a particular thing for the slantback. In Japan, the Mazda 360 Carol took up the theme.

Now I just know I’m forgetting someone else out there. It’s still early here.

Thanks to a commentator, here’s the one I forgot, the Toyota Will VI. Now why didn’t they bring that to the US?