The Swastika Laundry Electric Vans – We Were Using It Before They Were And We’re Not Giving It Up

Swastika Laundry

The Swastika Laundry on Shelbourne Road in Ballsbridge (Dublin), Ireland was founded in 1912, and was not about to give up its name or symbol because some wackos in Germany decided to also adopt that ancient symbol as their own. Good for them. And Swastika Laundry stuck it out all the way through the 1980s, with their fleet of vintage battery-electric delivery vans.

Swastika Laundry 2

I don’t need to tell you that the swastika (in its many variations) was used by ancient cultures all over the globe, including the Jews. But thanks to the Nazis it got a bad rep, and its use was drastically curtailed. But not by these folks. Love those electric vans, a variation on the famous British milk floats. via