The Ultimate CC Road Trip: 1989 Cadillac Limo On Two Year Trip From Patagonia To Alaska

CC 224 054 1200

What are the odds? Of someone from Argentina driving CC’s favorite car (GM B-Body) on an extended multi-year meandering voyage from Patagonia in Argentina to Alaska? And of me just happening to be walking up Willamette Street, noticing a Caddy limo, and whipping out my camera, on the very moment they were cruising through Eugene? And not fully realizing what I was shooting until I read the sign on the side window. As my father would have said: “Holy Mackerel”. And a mighty big one at that.

CC 224 056 1200

I instantly pegged the Caddy limo as something out of the ordinary by its high stance and those big wheels and tires, more suitable to a vintage Blazer. But even that didn’t prepare me for what I saw on the side window. Wow! The ultimate CC Adventure, rolling through downtown Eugene just as I was heading home from one of my usual  urban walks. Now that’s not the typical truck 4×4 you’d expect for a trip like that.

CC 224 059 1200

Fortunately there was a bit of a traffic jam, due to some construction in the next block, so I had plenty of time to get out the camera and peel off a few shots. The driver, probably not unaccustomed to such interest (more likely seeking it), gave me a big thumbs-up.

When I got home, I googled them and found both a Facebook page, as well as a brief You Tube video, obviously made at or near the beginning of the trip, back in 2012.

CC 224 060 1200

Given the timing of their arrival in Eugene, it would appear that they’ll likely end up in Alaska this summer. And just what’s under the hood? Not a 4.1; that’s for sure. Regrettably, I couldn’t get them to pull over before they were gone. According to their site, they have sleeping and cooking facilities on board. And lots of memories.

CC 224 061 1200

Un Buen Viaje!

America sin limites Facebook page