The Ultimate Heresy: The Citroen 2CV “Brougham” Super

In 1974, Brougham fever was raging across the US, and some cases were discovered outside of the country. But who would have thought that the 2CV would be infected with Broughamitis? But here it is, the Citroen 2CV Super, a prototype that was developed, but thankfully, never put in production.

All the symptoms are accounted for: “classic” grille, fake landau bars, a fake vinyl top on what is actually a fixed steel roof, and the ultimate affectation: a continental spare tire in the rear.

There are so many permutations of the 2CV, but this one I’d never heard of before Is tumbled unto it at

The metal roof with a vinyl topping and landau bars is the ultimate irony, given the 2CV’s standard fabric top. I’m assuming the windows flip up electrically?