The Wal Mart Concours, Version 2.0

CC 202 020 800

Almost two years ago, I did the first WalMart Concours, an experiment to see how many CCs were parked there on a random day. Frankly, it exceeded my own expectations. So when I found myself there the other day on an otherwise- fruitless expedition, I figured I might as well redeem my 10 minute drive there with a quick tour of the lot, starting with this venerable Toyota Corona Liftback. Now there’s a body style that went out of date a while back. Although as new sedans become ever more fast-back for aerodynamic reasons, a liftback probably makes more sense. I predict a 2020 Camry Liftback!

CC 202 21 800

A Nissan Sentra B12; a fairly ideal long-term cheap car.

CC 202 22 800

When I looked over my first WM Concours just now, I recognized this Celica, and the license plates verify it. What are the odds of that? I’d like to think it’s an employee, but I’m pretty sure Wallymart has a policy about employes not parking right in front, but around on the side lot. Hmm…a dedicated WalMart shopper?

CC 202 23 800

A very refreshing change of scenery.

CC 202 24 800

Old Dodge truck next to not-so old Chevy.

CC 202 25 800

There’s a few cars that just have to be represented here at any given random moment in time, like a B-Body.

CC 202 26 800

Someone doesn’t want any dings on their long doors.

CC 202 27 800

There had to be an old Taurus here somewhere.

CC 202 28 800

But most of all, the ubiquitous Cockroach of the Road™. Is there only one?

CC 202 29 800

Here’s a couple to add a bit of color to a fairly dreary assortment of old cars and trucks.

CC 202 30 800

And a dazzling Tempo!

CC 202 33 800

I’m trying hard to remember why I bothered shooting these two. Similar roof line, perhaps?

CC 202 34 800

Gotta’ love these quirky Skylarks.

CC 202 35 800

And why did I shoot this? Are older Imprezas getting to be uncommon? Not around here. Oh well.

CC 202 36 800

An E34 BMW 5301. Now that deserves a proper CC soon, given how it came out just two years after the W124 Mercedes. And although a fine car, it just couldn’t quite reach the same level of overall all-round level nigh-near perfection of the W124.

CC 202 37 800

And on the way out, another A-Body; and a woodie Cruiser no less. How fitting. Well, V2.0 wasn’t quite up to V1.0, but isn’t that often the case? It was a slower day, and time marches on. These old cars won’t be around forever, as hard as it is to imagine that.