The WalMart Concours: The Best Goods Are In The Parking Lot – (2022 Update: And Most Of Them Are Gone Now)

(first posted 10/13/2011)    I hate shopping. One of the few consolations is to check out the cars in the parking lot, and WallyWorld is pretty much tops in that category. Well, that and people watching. But I leave shooting the people of WalMart to others, and they do it justice. Anyway, this isn’t the first Wal Mart Concours; but the last one was almost two years ago. So I thought I’d cruise the lot to see what’s worth shooting. Nothing earth shattering, but a fairly eclectic collection. I didn’t exactly shoot every older car, because that would have meant a substantial majority of the whole lot. But here’s what was worth spending the energy on, starting with this fine (and rare) example of a Plymouth Arrow pickup, with the SPORT decor stripe option, no less.

This is the only one that gets two shots. Yes, it would be good to be able to tell folks you drive a Plymouth pickup when being asked about your ride.

The rest will be shown in the random order as they were shot. This one’s not that old, but I know there’s a few fans of these hereabouts.

The thrifty show up in not just any old Civic, but a 1300 FE 5 speed, the EPA Queen of its time.

Here is a serious lust object. I’ll let you guess which one.

But lust is a fleeting phenomena, especially when confronted with this.

Now this is a bit out of character, not only for WalMart. but Eugene in general.

There’s so many of these, so this will serve as the token for the whole bunch.

And these will stand in for all the Civics. That sedan is my favorite vintage of them.

No parking lot in Eugene can be without one representative of its official car.

This Cressida is old enough to make the cut.

These are getting a bit rare. I couldn’t conjure one up for the CC Complete Cutlass Chronicles; I should have just come here.

We’re so overdue on a CC on this. Well, that goes for quite a few others here too.

This threesome evokes another era.

That can obviously be said for all of them, including this contrasting pair.

And this one evokes an era we’d rather X out. Given how many Skylarks of this kind are still doing the shopping around town, these later ones seem to be more akin to the A-Body roaches that are everywhere.

There were several of them here, but I’m only showing one. I suspect many of these are former rentals that found there way here.

Can’t kill these either.

No self-respecting Wal Mart lot would be complete without one of these.

As tough as they are, these old Four Runners are getting a bit rare, thanks to the youthful hands they usually end up in. This one is the exception.

Speaking of tough old trucks, look what pulled into the handicapped space while I was inside. Well, it probably is a veteran of a war, although it looks pretty able-bodied.  And as I walked out with my package, a fine ’53 Chevy rolled by the front door. By the time I put down my package, and fished around for my camera, it was too far gone.

We just did it, but this one may well still have its original motor.

Here’s a flash from the past. A fair number of J cars are still around.

A couple of oldies with a semi-oldie.

Laurence, one of your favorites is here; slightly worse for wear.

Someone loves their Prelude.

This is a bit different: an old Subaru hatchback turned into a Brat clone; or?

Congratulations to Tom Klockau for guessing this one from the Clue.

I got what what I came for, and then some. Now which one is mine?