Improvised DIY Repairs: Part 2

(first posted 2/6/2012)   Body work has gotten pricey over the years, but wood is near all-time lows; so the solution is obvious. And now one can actually see the front edge of the hood; makes parking so much easier. Let’s see what other highly creative fixes today’s batch of contestants have in store for us today.

Everyone has a few scraps of OSB board laying around. And no one’s going to get into this trunk, with all of four sturdy hinges and a padlock.

Another traditional approach is taken here, replacing a crappy little trunk with a proper pickup bed. We shall call it Bajette.

Some folks can’t even be bothered with plywood. not so safe, though. Must be in a dry climate, I assume.

I’m a bit challenged to understand this one. WTF? It can’t be an improvised antenna? Wire hangers were the traditional solution, but then wire hangers aren’t quite so common anymore. It even sports a guy wire for high speed stability.

This isn’t exactly so odd; a time-honored solution, except the drink of choice has changed.

Yes, this is a fail.

I think we’ve seen this one before, but now we can judge it in the proper context of the competition.

A PVC pipe bumper, the perfect thing to grace your beautiful Jag with. I hope it’s at least Schedule 40.

Must tell the world you’re driving a Benz, no matter what it takes.

Hat tip to AmazonRay!