The WalMart Parking Lot DIY Repair Contest: Finale

Broken heater controls? There’s that old sink faucet in the garage…looks like it probably has the potential for being adjusted to a very fine degree. Now this one shows some some genuine ingenuity. Let’s see if any of the others do.

Let’s start with a couple of outside mirror replacements. This one also shows a hint of cleverness, and hey; it’s even aerodynamic!

This one most definitely doesn’t.

We had some inside door handle replacements; now for an outside one. I’d say it’s in the highly temporary category.

The curse of hidden headlights….

I think we’ve seen this one once before, but this is a much better shot. Who would come up with this? And think that the hose would actually make a difference?

If Jeeps have folding windshields, why not folding seats?

Ho hum.

Now this fix has a touch of brilliance to it; well, sort of. Having faced similar challenges once or twice (my first was installing an 8-track in my Mom’s ’65 Coronet that had no radio, meaning that whole part of the dash was covered with a blank plate, not just a radio blank…she wasn’t too thrilled with the looks of the results). Anyway, this one shows some genuine spark of creativity.

So what’s the verdict?

Hat tip to AmazonRay