The Wednesday Afternoon Massacre: Ford To Eliminate All Sedans From Its Lineup

Back in January, my retrospective on the current generation Fusion pondered the idea of the vehicle being Ford’s last midsize. Today Ford confirmed that they plan to eliminate every car from their lineup save the Mustang and one variant of the Focus. Ladies and gentleman, the sedan apocalypse is truly upon us.

How often does an automaker announce the cancellation of four models simultaneously? Almost never. The last time anything remotely similar happened was during the recession, when GM and Ford killed off several divisions within their respective companies. But times have changed, and the increasing popularity of crossovers puts a target on the back of any unprofitable passenger car. Obviously, Ford feels that market has shifted permanently, and presumably CEO Hackett has enough confidence in the company’s future products to walk away from three segments.

YearFord FocusFord TaurusFord FusionFord Fiesta

All four models experienced sharp declines in sales over the last several years. Blame lower gas prices, increasingly refined crossovers, and an economy that allows more people to open up their wallets for the death of sedans. And the lack of all wheel drive too, although the Fusion did offer it.

Of course this news only applies to us North Americans. International markets currently have the option of picking up the new Fiesta, which was completely redesigned for the 2018 model year. And while North America isn’t getting most versions of the Focus, we will be receiving the Active trim level, which is most likely an all wheel drive competitor to something like the Subaru Crosstrek.

It’s especially strange that Ford decided to kill the Fusion since it received another refresh for 2019. But nothing is certain in this world, is it? And as long as Ford develops a plan to bring their future cars to America in case conditions change they’ll probably be fine.