The Well Flattened Car – What Is It?

The Well Wrapped Car was a big hit, so now we have the sequel, The Well Flattened Car. I don’t think I have to tell you what you’re supposed to make of it.

This comes to courtesy of CC reader Alistair Bell, who found it recently while exploring the Gordon River watershed in the past few days. He’s even supplied us with the google map reference points:,-124.325409&spn=0.135577,0.357742&t=h&z=12 . But don’t think you can tear off and find it that easily; someone will have identified it by the time you get there, and there’s no internet there anyway. But if you want to go and confirm it, by all means.

BTW, dear readers, we love this sort of stuff, so please send more of it. Anything that catches your attention will likely catch ours. Thanks.