The ZIL Of The Future?

The venerable Russian ZIL limousine is an icon of the Soviet era, although a few were made until 2002, and reputedly a handful more in 2010. Soon-to-be former President Dimitry Medvedev instigated some talk about re-incarnating the ZIL in 2010, and rumors and drafts of a modern replacement have bubbled up from time to time, but none quite as imposing as this virtual concept from the design firm Slavasaakyan.

Here’s the real thing, the ZIL 41047, or one of its variants, with its proposed successor. Sinister enough?

The front end couldn’t be blunter, as if sliced with a cleaver.

Plenty of rear overhang. And yes, there’s no rear window. Just another security risk from snipers.

Anybody else reminded of this? The Aston martin Lagonda was quite the sensation on 1976. Well, ZILs have always been “inspired” by cars from the west, so why not keep the tradition going?