This Homebuilt RV Has A Name: ShamRockAway – Two ’62 Buicks Gave Their Lives For It


(first posted 10/2/2011)    It’s home built RV weekend, and I’ve been sitting on this for quite a while. It’s the ShamRockAway, and yes, two 1962 Buick wagons are in there somewhere. Actually, there’s a great shot after the jump of the two Buicks as they were being re-arranged.

Hemmingsblog had several posts on it, the final one unraveling the mystery of how this wild rig came to be.  One J. Dennis McGuire, who was a pioneer RVer and had converted a couple of buses before, started this project after he retired, and finished it at the age of sixty-nine(!) He always liked Buicks, so that was the main ingredient on the recipe. The third axle is the driven one, and the 401 nailhead must have been working pretty hard through the Dynaflow transmission to scoot the 9960 lb rig down the road.

But it worked, and carried him and his wife all over the country, to the chagrin of on-lookers.

Looks like its turning circle is a bit wide.

Shamrockaway BuickRV

The ShamRockAway still exists, someone having bought it from a wrecking yard. Whether it will get restored is another question.