Three Cylinders? Bring On The Two-Cylinder Fiat 500 TwinAir

No, new cars are not our typical thing, but then the Fiat 500 twinair is not exactly the typical car. The not-available-here 875 cc turbocharged twin puts out a healthy 85 hp, which scoots the 500 to sixty in 11 seconds, with an unique exhaust/engine sound that most testers rave about. Balance shaft means it runs quite smoothly, unlike the miserable little lawn-motor motor in the original 500. The EU mileage rating of 70 (Imperial) mpg (56 US mpg) is optimistic, like all the EU ratings. European tests have shown that the TwinAir gets about 40-44 (US) mpg. And delivers gobs of fun to drive while achieving it. Pretty much every tester preferred it to the 1.2 four, even though the twin costs a bit more.

In fact, the 500 twinair won an eight small-car comparison test by Germany’s auto-motor-und-sport, which is pretty surprising, especially since the VW Polo Blue Motion came in last. So much for ams‘ reputation for being chauvinistic. As one who likes a healthy torque curve and fun-to-drive small cars, I say bring it on. Only problem: Stephanie and I would be fighting over who gets to drive it.