Three Old Toyotas In The Can, And One Old Toyota Gets A Can


Took a several mile walk just a few hours ago, and not two blocks from home I spot these nearly kissing cousins.  The Dolphin is a permanent fixture in front of that house, apart from when it’s in use.  The Californian?  No clue.  Fellow Toyota motorhome enthusiasts, for certain.


Before I continue, there is crow to be eaten.  In David Skinner’s Holy Grail find a few days ago, I boastfully boasted of keeping a spare digital camera in my car or on my person at all time.   As you have no doubt noticed, these pictures are not up to my usual robust standards, since I neglected my own damn advice and only had my phone on me.  So bad are they I cannot even read the model of the second Toyota.  Sunfire? (Sunraider – Ed) Lesson learned.  But wait!  It gets worse!


Maybe six blocks down the same street sits this heavily “custom” gem.  The sun was failing me, like I have failed the CC faithful.  I will tear my next CC Key Mainstay Contributor paycheck in half.  Hopefully I won’t be canned entirely.

Speaking ripped in half and cans, my landlord said he’d put a new muffler on my Old Toyota for a case of beer.  Yes, he’s a redneck.  However, he found another leak in a second feed near the catalytic converter.  The aluminum pipe was small and thin and quite torn up, so he grabbed another small and thin bit of aluminum, tore it in half, and clamped it around the leak.


For perhaps  the first time in history a cheap and terrible beer has made a guy’s exhaust quieter.