No Curbside Classic Day Outtake #1: What Cars Are Most Overdue For A CC?

CC 188 049 1200

The cupboard’s bare, and I’m bushed. So there just isn’t going to be a full-length CC today. Instead, I’m going to post some Outtakes, and you’ll have to fill in the details. Like this Ford (Fox) LTD. We’ve never done it here before ever, in any post. I’ve shot a couple, but that’s the easy part. And when I saw this one in traffic the other day, I had a tinge of guilt.

We’ve done some cars two, three or more times, but there’s still a huge number of CC virgins in my files waiting for their day to be exposed to the world. Which cars are most neglected? Before you hit “Post Comment”, check our archives, and/or use the Google search box up there (we’re running way behind on keeping the archives current, any volunteers?)

CC 188 048 800