Through The Window Outtake: K Car With Stereotypical Driver

CC 144 303 950

I’m not a fan of stereotypes, but there is a reason the word was invented. And I’ve gotten fairly good at anticipating what stereotype the driver of a given car will likely reflect. That certainly was the case as I came up behind this absolutely pristine K Car (is it possible to tell which one from this shot? You will, undoubtedly). And as I came around, there she was, the kind of mom you quickly learned to avoid, like my one friend’s mom who wouldn’t let him or the other kids go anywhere but straight down to the basement after school…”can we play at my house next time?”  Well, their house was always immaculate, to the extent I got a glimpse of it as we were shooed down the basement stairs.

So there I go, making assumptions from a brief glance of this woman’s (glowering) face. My bad. But her K car sure is immaculate.