Through The Windshield Outtake (And a Curbside One Too): Pontiac 1000 – Minus The “T”

CC 224 003 975

Seeing this Pontiac 1000 in traffic the other day was almost as heartening as the warm spring weather we’re having. Did it come out of a twenty-year hibernation? Nah…just another old car in Eugene’s streetscape. Who else would notice but me? I was hoping to get in front of him so I could peel off a shot of the Pontiac Chevette’s distinctive front grille, but no such luck. I’ve shot at least one other 1000 (this ain’t exactly the only one in town), but it didn’t have an intact grille. Let’s check it out.

CC 31 067 975

Shot this one a while back; looks like the grille was sort of slipping down behind the bumper. Nice.

CC 115 080 800

And caught it again some time later, in my neighborhood, no less. Come to visit the ‘hood. By this time the grille was fully absent.

CC 115 082 800

How perfectly Eugene: a red 1000 in front of a purple house. For those of you wondering about the title line referring the the “missing T”, it’s because the little Chevette clone sported the name T1000 in its first few years, and dropped it beginning in 1984.

CC 115 084 975

Lest you be tempted to jump to any stereotypical assumptions, from the looks of the newspapers on the front seat, as well as knowing the folks who live in the purple house (it’s in my neighborhood), the driver is well educated, possibly an intellectual (of sorts, anyway). What better car for such a person than a red 1000, from a brand that doesn’t exist anymore. So many ways to interpret that. or maybe his grand-aunt left it to him. More likely, actually.

CC 115 083 975

Nice hammock; a good place to read the related Chevette Scooter CC.