Through The Windshield Outtake: Mercedes 302C 5.0

CC 195 044 1200

Heading out on an errand, I see an attractive sight: a W115 Coupe (1968-1975). Actually, it started out next to me, but took off surprisingly fast for what I took for a 250C, which was not exactly an overly brisk car in its day, and not one to be driven so today. It was his rapid acceleration that made me notice the nomenclature on the trunk 302C  5.0?!?   That’s not original; but what does it mean? The 5.0 emblem and wider tires made me think perhaps he really did drop in a 5.0, either a Merc or? But the 302C? Certainly he’s not alluding to this actual Mercedes 302? Your turn.