Trackside Classic: Summer’s Last Hurrah – Stop To Smell The Roses And Walk The Tracks

While the rest of the country broils, we’re having the latest and coolest summer in memory here. But it’s here, and it probably won’t last long, so it’s time to slow down a bit and…walk railroad tracks, as this carefree young couple was doing the other night, heading west into the golden sunset. OK, no comments about the dangers; they’re young, have quick reflexes, and are immortal. Anyway, it’s time to slow down a bit, catch up on the unfinished projects, stop pretending like some will actually get done, and take a few breaks into the mountains.

Thanks to our rapidly swelling ranks of superb Writers and Contributors, I can do so and the CC show still goes on. A special shout-out goes to Jim Cavanaugh, who is now the first CC Editor, and is able to keep CC on the tracks, whether I’m here or not. Thanks Jim, Jeff, Laurence, Michael and all the rest of the gang, and of course you, for making this all possible, and keeping it fun. Now off to scale Mary’s Peak; hope the clouds lift.