Truck Show Outtake: 2021 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 10×4 – Working In The Sonderklasse Of Concrete Mixer Trucks

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 concrete mixer truck - 1

Well how about that, a late model Benz in one of their classic shades of green! And a heavy-duty dude at that, with its 10×4 drivetrain, operating in the top segment of our concrete mixer trucks. The Arocs is the Mercedes-Benz model for the construction and heavy haulage business.

Historically, the German truck makers Mercedes-Benz and MAN have always had an excellent reputation in the field of heavy on-/off-road trucks and tractors. Factory AWD chassis are available, from 4×4 to 8×8.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 concrete mixer truck - 2

Let’s have a closer and thorough look at an impressive piece of the latest machinery. Which brings me to a major advantage of visiting an outdoor truck show: you can take as many pictures as you want without anyone wondering or asking what the heck (or hell) you’re doing.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - camera left side cab

Bat ear type of mirrors on the cab doors are goners, replaced by cameras on the outside and displays on the inside.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - cab over engine

Cab over engine, indeed. The truck is powered by a 10.7 liter inline-six turbodiesel, known as the OM 470 engine. In this Arocs the maximum power output is 456 DIN-hp.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - cab suspension

The cab suspension, left rear side.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - twin steer

If you order a Mercedes-Benz chassis-cab, you’ll get a Mercedes-Benz chassis-cab. All powertrain components are in-house products, the transfer cases for AWD trucks and tractors included.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - parabolic leaf springs

The twin steer set-up with parabolic leaf springs.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - tandem and steering rearmost axle

Plenty of axle spacing between the rearmost drive axle and the liftable, steering tag axle. Consequently, the tag axle is rated at an axle load of 10 metric tons, which is the maximum for a non-drive axle.

Rearranging these axles must have been an aftermarket job, done by the Veldhuizen company. Mercedes-Benz offers a factory 10×4 chassis for the Dutch market, developed and built by their Custom Tailored Trucks division in Molsheim, France. That chassis is rated at 47 metric tons GVW, whereas the concrete mixer truck at the show is rated at 49 tons (108,027 lbs).

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - Continental tires

Continental CrossTrac HD3 tires on the drive axles (with hub reduction, obviously) and Continental HSR2 super singles on all steering axles.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - fifth axle

The fifth axle comes with air suspension.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - air suspension rearmost drive axle

Just like the drive axles. You can also clearly see that the frame has been strengthened, another Veldhuizen job.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - underside

Getting to the bottom of it.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - Mulder H-16 concrete mixer - 1

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - Mulder H-16 concrete mixer - 2

The Mulder company supplied the mixer body, the drum capacity is 16 m³ (20.9 yd³). The registered payload capacity of the Benz & Mulder couple is 32,080 kg (70,724 lbs).

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - PMP hydraulics - 1

The 600 liter water tank is sitting on top of the PMP reducer with planetary gearing.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - PMP hydraulics - 2

PMP Industries S.p.A. is an Italian company, they also made the hydromotor (left of the reducer) and the PTO driven, hydraulic pump (not visible in the picture).

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - rear rollers concrete mixer drum

The rollers at the rear side of the drum.

2021 MB Arocs 10x4 - loading and discharging

This is it, both the business- and article end.

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