CC Global: Volvo FMX 10×4 Concrete Mixer And MAN TGS 10×4 Concrete Pump – Fundamental Work

2019 Volvo FMX 10x4 and 2016 MAN TGS 10x4

After last week’s Volvo FH, things only got heavier. A 2019 Volvo FMX concrete mixer truck was feeding a 2016 MAN TGS concrete pump at a construction site nearby. The work in progress: a new, two-storied office building.

2019 Volvo FMX 10x4 Mebin - 1

The FMX is the heavy-duty version of Volvo’s mid-size FM-series of trucks and tractors. This 10×4, with a day cab, has a 428 DIN-hp engine with 12.8 liter displacement.

2019 Volvo FMX 10x4 Mebin - 2

Dual wheels on the drive axles, super singles on the three steering axles. For reinforcement reasons, the Volvo has a full frame inner liner. The truck’s legal maximum gross vehicle weight is 49,000 kg (108,027 lbs). We’re talking serious truckin’ business here!

2019 Volvo FMX 10x4 Mebin - 3

The Schwing-Stetter company built the complete concrete mixer unit. The capacity of the drum on a 10×4 chassis is usually 15 m³ (530 ft³). That’s a mighty quantity, given the vehicles’ compactness.

2016 MAN TGS 10x4 - 1

The concrete gets poured into the pump’s big mouth, at the rear side.

2016 MAN TGS 10x4 - 2

The pump, a Cifa K52L, was partly hidden behind some construction site fences and other materials. It’s mounted on a 2016 MAN TGS 10×4 truck with the same chassis configuration as the Volvo: dual steering axles at the front, then the tandem drive axles and last but not least, a steering tag axle. The registered curb weight of the whole machine is 47,920 kg (105,646 lbs).

The MAN is powered by a 12.4 liter engine, good for 480 DIN-hp.

Cifa K52L truck mounted concrete pump

I found an almost identical set-up on the website of the concrete pump manufacturer, Cifa is an Italian company.

Volvo and MAN - construction site

Ending with this streetview, pouring wet concrete on a wet day.

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