Truck Stop Classic: 1967 Volvo N88 6×2 Flatbed Truck – Timber!

When I was a kid in the seventies, the 1965-1973 Volvo N88-series already had the looks of a classic (as in really old) truck. I didn’t like it back then, probably for that reason. No wonder it looked kind of ancient, because its design dated back to the 1951 Volvo Titan-series. But now, some 45 years later, I think this fully laden N88 is pure eye candy!

The 1967 Volvo drew my attention before, I took this picture three years ago. A superb 6×2 flatbed truck with wooden dropsides, the tag axle is liftable.

Under its hood a turbocharged, 9.6 liter inline-six diesel, known as the Volvo TD100 engine. Its maximum power output is 260 DIN-hp. Volvo started to offer turbodiesels in 1954.

The period correct load securing system: ropes.

Let’s end with a QOTD: what’s its load? I noticed that the letters Do were written on one of the yellow labels. Dorrestijn -the owner of the truck- or Douglas Fir, the boards? Anyway, CC is also known for its construction specialists, so we’ll find out.

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