Truck Stop Classics: The Mack Brothers And Others

1977 Mack R 611 ST 6x4 tractor

Last October, the Dutch branch of the Mack family held their yearly reunion. Junior arrived in style, chauffeured by a 1977 R 611 ST. From 1977 to 1992, the R-series 6×4 tractor worked for the US Army in the UK. In 2009, it crossed the North Sea and settled down in the Netherlands.

1937 Mack Jr. stake body truck - 1

Meet junior, a very rare 1937 Mack Jr 1.5 ton stake body truck, imported by Mack specialist Martin Monné, back in 1994. The current owner bought it in 2010 and started a thorough restoration, with a marvellous end result.

1937 Mack Jr. stake body truck - 2

This series of light Macks was built by the REO Motor Car Company, the trucks were powered by REO’s Gold Crown S 228 six-cylinder engine. A Speedwagon all the way.

1960 Mack N 68 4x2 dump truck

1960 Mack N 68 4×2 dump truck.

1954 Mack LT 6x4 tractor

1954 Mack LT ‘The Triple Stick Shifter’ 6×4 tractor.

1980 Mack F 786 ST 6x4 tractor

1980 Mack F 786 ST 6×4 tractor (first registration in NL). More information and two videos right here.

1985 Mack Super-Liner 6x4 tractor - Mack E9 V8

1985 Mack Super-Liner 6×4 tractor, powered by the truck maker’s own E9 engine, a 16.4 liter V8. Better move over!

1989 Mack Ultra-Liner MH 613 6x4 tractor

1989 Mack Ultra-Liner MH 613 6×4 tractor (first registration in NL). The Ultra-Liner, introduced in 1982, was Mack’s last big cabover model. Makes sense, what could possibly supersede an Ultra-Liner?

1989 Mack Ultra-Liner Jansen

Here’s the same MH 613, towing an extendable semi-trailer (photo courtesy of Handels- en adviesbureau Monné).

Mack RD 800 tridem tractor

Nothing to go on, but I guess this must be a Mack RD 800 series from the eighties. The tridem’s pusher axle does a push-up.

1978 Mack R 685 T 4x2 tractor

1978 Mack R 685 T 4×2 tractor (first registration in NL).

1961 Mack B 81 SX 6x4 dump truck

1961 Mack B 81 SX 6×4 dump truck. Anyone familiar with Millerick Trucking from East Boston?

2001 Mack CH 613 6x4 tractor

2001 Mack CH 613 6×4 tractor (first registration in NL).

Other brands from the US and Europe also received a warm welcome.

1954 Peterbilt 281 4x2 tractor - Cummins diesel - 1

1954 Peterbilt 281 4x2 tractor - Cummins diesel - 2

Like this Cummins powered, 1954 Peterbilt 281 4×2 tractor.

1944 FWD HAR-01 wrecker - 1

1944 FWD HAR-01 wrecker - 2

1944 FWD HAR-01 wrecker - 3

What a special treat, a 1944 FWD model HAR-01 wrecker. FWD as in Four-Wheel-Drive, not Front-Wheel-Drive.

FWD Trucks Model HAR factory ad

‘A handsome line of truly great trucks that haul longer for less’

1968 Autocar DC 9364 Construcktor 6x4 heavy haulage tractor

1968 Autocar DC 9364 Construcktor 6×4 heavy haulage (ballast) tractor in Mammoet livery, powered by a 14 liter Cummins.

Scania LKT 141 6x4 tractor

A Scania LKT 141 V8 6×4 tractor ‘Aussie-style’ from the late seventies (or maybe 1980/1981). Unlike the usual Euro-cabover Scanias, this heavy tractor has a set-forward front axle. A specialty for the South American and Australian market.

1977 Volvo F-88 4x2 flatbed truck

1977 (year-built) Volvo F-88 4×2 flatbed truck, pre-curtainsider era (the idea behind it is the same).

1971 Volvo F-86 4x2 tractor

Its smaller brother, a 1971 Volvo F-86 4×2 tractor.

1981 FTF FS-7.20D 6x4 tractor - Detroit Diesel 6V92T

Today’s last guest star, a 1981 FTF FS-7.20.D 6×4 tractor, powered by a 6V92T Detroit Diesel two-stroke engine. The design of the Motor Panels tilt cab from the UK still looks remarkably fresh, 45 years after its introduction.

Some of the tractor’s other main components: a Kirkstall front axle, Steyr drive axles and an Eaton-Fuller transmission. Everything put together in the Netherlands, by the same company that previously imported and assembled….Macks.

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