CC Global: 2021 Volvo FH 6×2*4 Hooklift Truck – (Keep) Dry Cargo

Ten Damme - 2021 Volvo FH 6x2 - 1

Wood fiber – sawdust – forage – biomass. Ten Damme’s business in writing, right there. The company has a large and interesting fleet of heavy trucks and tractors, such as this 2021 Volvo FH straight truck with a hydraulic hooklift hoist.

Ten Damme - 2021 Volvo FH 6x2 - 2

VDL (Van der Leegte) supplied the truck’s complete hooklift system. The 375 kW/510 DIN-hp Volvo is rated at a gross weight of 28 tonnes (61,700 lbs), that’s 9 tonnes axle weight on the front axle and 19 tonnes on the tandem.

The whole configuration indicates that the cargo is voluminous rather than heavy (per m³/yd³), otherwise the truck would have had one or two more axles and a VDL hooklift from the manufacturer’s ‘Heavy-Duty’ class for straight trucks with a GVWR over 32 tonnes (70,500 lbs).

Ten Damme - 2021 Volvo FH 6x2 - 3

Ten Damme - 2021 Volvo FH 6x2 - 4

The open top container at ground level. Great canteen or motel, during any truck show weekend!

For finding more images of the vehicles I come across, I often turn to the owner’s Facebook page. At least there’s one good reason to ‘consult’ FB.

Ten Damme - 2021 Volvo FH 6x2 - 5

Hook, lift, and dumper. Splendid photo, by the way!

Ten Damme - 2021 Volvo FH 6x2 - 6

Of course you don’t need 510 hp to move a 28 tonnes straight truck. But all those horses are very useful when towing a full trailer…

Ten Damme - 2021 Volvo FH 6x2 - 7

…or a center-axle trailer with another container, filled with wood fiber. Or something similar. Ten Damme’s 20 tonnes, GS Meppel center-axle trailer chassis is essentially a mega variant of a trailer that folks couple to their own four-wheeler, transporting everything you can imagine.

Full trailers, with two but mostly three axles, seriously rule in the roll-off trucking world. Typically, center-axle trailers have a fully enclosed body or a flatbed with curtainsides.

Two containers on the go is not enough? In that case, the only solution is going for an extra long EcoCombi, capable of carrying three of them. Hook, lift, and just pull it off.