CC Global (And Video): Scania And Volvo Dually Pickup Trucks – Lively Demo By a DAF Driver

Hoftrans - Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 1

There are three ways to pick a large dumpster or truck body up from the ground and put it on the back of a straight truck: with a hooklift hoist, a cable system or a chain system. All set-ups were present at the sunny, late September show.

The Hoftrans company opted for a chain system on their 2020 Scania R580 V8 6×2 chassis-cab. Plenty of power on tap for sure, but keep in mind that such trucks frequently tow a trailer with another dumpster/container.

Hoftrans - Scania R580 V8 6x2 - 2

The Scania carries a seriously beaten-up container. These guys don’t haul porcelain, you know. At least the cargo doors still close, so carry on.

Aarnink & Ooms - Scania R500 6x2 - 1

Aarnink & Ooms - Scania R500 6x2 - 2

2023 Scania R500 6×2 with a Hyva hooklift hoist. The combination of yellow and black works really well, this truck stands out wherever it goes.

Lucas Vacuumtanken - Volvo FH 10x4 - 1

A 2010 Volvo FH 10×4 with a roll-off system, operating as a vacuum tanker truck.

Lucas Vacuumtanken - Volvo FH 10x4 - 2

Above the trailer coupling it says Niet Janken Maar Planken. No Whining Just Floor It. Well, a rhyming slogan certainly sounds better and is more effective.

Lucas Vacuumtanken - Volvo FMX 10x4 Wide Spread

When it comes to gross weight rating, this is the first prize winner. A 2021, 50 tonnes/110,200 lbs Volvo FMX 10×4 wide spread with a chain system and vacuum tanker body.

For comparison, a heavy-duty, factory 6×2 or 6×4 straight truck (or tractor unit) with an optional 10 tonnes front axle is rated at 29 tonnes/63,900 lbs GVW.

Jansen Recycling - Scania R620 V8 6x2 - 1

A 2012 Scania R620 V8 6×2. Owner Jansen specializes in recycling paper and cardboard, for which the company has a fleet of heavy vehicles.

Jansen Recycling - Scania R620 V8 6x2 - 2

This is essentially an enclosed 20ft shipping container, welded on some frame rails to make it suitable for the truck’s cable roll-off system.

Herms - Volvo FH 6x2 - 1

Herms - Volvo FH 6x2 - 2

The last of the Svenska lastbilar, a 2017 Volvo FH 6×2 with a hooklift hoist.

On a topic-related note, what a joy it is to see a pro at work. Dancing around with his DAF CF 6×2*4 hooklift truck, switching containers in no-time, without leaving the driver’s seat.