CC Global: 2017 Volvo FH 8×4 Wide Spread – The Burly Asphalt Viking

volvo fh 8x4 ws - 1

This Volvo dump truck stands out for two reasons: it has the sleeper cab of the big FH-series and at the rear, the Terberg company worked on the factory tandem axle set-up. The Swedish truck maker does very well these days in the market for heavy on/off-road chassis.

volvo fmx 8x4

Volvo offers a complete line of vehicles for the construction business, called the FMX-series. These are based on the FM-series, the mid-size Volvo truck model. Pictured an FMX 8×4 dump truck with a day cab.

volvo fh 8x4 ws - 2

The cab of the FH-series is clearly much bigger and roomier. The green ‘n yellow truck is used for hauling asphalt, which is a 24/7 job. Sleeper cabs are common in this work, as these are offering more comfort and convenience.

The truck is powered by Volvo’s 12.8 liter inline-six, maximum power output 469 DIN-hp. The same engine is also used by Renault and Mack (Volvo Trucks owns both Renault Trucks and Mack).

volvo fh 8x4 ws - 3

Now to the rear tandem. Terberg converted the factory tandem into a wide spread tandem by increasing the axle spacing from 137 cm to 182 cm. Furthermore, the company made the last axle steerable, using an electric-hydraulic steering system. Both drive axles -as usual with hub reduction- got a hydraulic suspension. Last but not least, there’s a horizontal levelling system at work when dumping.

By increasing the axle spacing, both drive axles have become two separate axles instead of a tandem, leading to 4,000 kg extra GVM. The truck’s legal maximum GVM is a rather mind blowing 43,000 kg (almost 95,000 lbs); unheard of anywhere else, as far as I know. Keep in mind we’re talking about a road legal, rigid truck chassis with four axles.

volvo fh 8x4 ws - 4

This picture shows how the Volvo sets itself around a corner. Thanks to the last steering axle, the turning radius got shorter, plus there’s less wear and tear on tires, chassis parts and pavement. (photo courtesy of Van Kessel Truckstyling)

volvo fh 8x4 ws - 5

Truck owner Ploegam drives for Dura Vermeer, a giant in the construction and infrastructure business with a 2018 revenue of € 1.337 billion.

Dura Vermeer at work, laying asphalt in the south of the Netherlands.

volvo fh 8x4 ws - 6

The AJK company from Belgium built the Volvo’s insulated dump bed.

volvo fh 8x4 ws - 7

Asphalt haulers are also frequently used to tow a low bed trailer, carrying road construction machinery. After all, a horse (let alone 469 of them) can tow more weight than it can carry on its back. (photo courtesy of Ploegam-De Klein)

case crawler excavator - 1

case crawler excavator - 2

On a related note, on the same sunny day I caught another heavy dude. A Case CX240 crawler excavator, owned by Mr. Van den Berg. No relation to rock guitarist & hairy dude Adrian.

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