Truck Show Outtake: 2023 DAF XF 430 FT And 2014 Welgro Bulk Feed Semi-Trailer – Always Out-Of-Town

Fransen Gerrits - DAF XF 430 FT - Welgro semi-trailer - 1

Here’s something you’ll never see downtown, let alone downcity. A 50 tonnes bulk feed hauler, the king of the backroads. When speaking big rigs, anyway. Traveling between the feed mill -its homebase- and livestock farms. Just rolling along, yet frequently twisting, turning, and reversing. Often driven by experienced, senior drivers, both age- and driving skills-wise.

Fransen Gerrits - DAF XF 430 FT - Welgro semi-trailer - 2

In the lead, a 2023 DAF XF 430 FT 4×2 tractor, powered by the 12.9 liter MX-13 engine (PACCAR’s biggest in-house turbodiesel).

Fransen Gerrits - DAF XF 430 FT - Welgro semi-trailer - 3

Conventional door mirrors, combined with DAF’s Corner View camera/display system, making both the curb mirror and front view mirror obsolete.

Van Eijk - DAF XD 410 FT

A few weeks ago I posted this DAF XD, the manufacturer’s regional delivery truck and tractor. Exactly the same design language, yet the XF is clearly of a higher rank, quite literally. Also, the XD is not available with the big MX-13 power unit.

Fransen Gerrits - DAF XF 430 FT - Welgro semi-trailer - 4

Coupled to the DAF is a 2014 Welgro (the Wellink family from Groenlo, NL), pneumatic discharge semi-trailer, capable of transporting around 33 tonnes (72,750 lbs) of animal feed.

Both the second and third axle counter steer when the tractor makes a turn. You can see the long push-and-pull rods of the mechanical steering system, guided by the tractor’s fifth wheel coupling, above the semi-trailer’s fenders.

Multiple pictures of classic Welgro bulk feed bodies and trailers can be found on their website, I picked a few.

Welgro - Unimog

Back to the beginning, the sixties. The Unimog is perfectly capable of towing the bulk feed trailer and carrying bagged feed (my guess, given the tarpaulin cover). After all, it was designed as an agricultural all-rounder.

Welgro - DAF A1900 4x2

From the late sixties I’d say, a then brand new ‘Frog DAF’ A1900. In those days, a straight 4×2 truck was big enough to fill the silos at the farms.

Welgro - Volvo F-series

These arrived a decade later, yet they were only used by large feed mills. A 4×2 tractor, towing two identical, single axle semi-trailers. The leader of the pack is a Volvo F10/F12, introduced in 1977 as the F88/F89-series’ successor.

Nowadays, such doubles are non-existent in the Netherlands. Tandem and tridem axle bulk feed semi-trailers have taken over the whole market, with Welgro in the role of dominator.

The current state of affairs. On the road, at the farm and in the factory.

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