Turkeys Of The Seventies: Your Nominations – The Ultimate Turkey Decade?

Maybe it should say Gobble, Gobble instead. Not that I’m trying to get a head start or anything. But lets just say that there was plenty of fodder in the seventies to keep the turkey farm well fed. Maybe we should ask what wasn’t a turkey. It was a difficult decade, from so many perspectives. The impacts of the energy crisis and rapidly tightening emission and safety regulations alone made life hell for the makers. On top of that, social turmoil roiled through the factories, creating huge quality assembly issues. Some companies just seemed to lose the plot, most notably British Leyland. Was there anything that they touched in the seventies that wasn’t doomed? Chrysler and Ford both ended the decade with near-death experiences. GM’s massive downsizing make-over resulted in the seemingly inevitable stinkers. The Japanese were in the ascendency, but better keep them away from salt. That’s the big picture, now let’s fill in the gory details.