CC Commercial: Honda’s Ne Plus Ultras

Once in a great long while there’s a truly smashing advert for something. Once in an almost-never it’s for a car. Honda’s 2003 Accord spot “Cog” is such an advert. It drove huge traffic to Honda websites and dealerships, it won awards, it drew accusations of plagiarism. It spurred a making-of (everything you see actually, really happened; it’s not CGI) and other bonus content on its own DVD anyone could send for—if you want one now, check eBay—and it’s the subject of a fairly lengthy Wikipedia article wherein you can read about the plagiarism flap. North Americans didn’t get this ad (dangit) or this Accord (dammit). Now watch it again, this time in fullscreen HD.

Er…actually, make that twice in a great long while and twice in an almost-never, because the year after “Cog”, Honda put out “Grr”:

Like wow, man, this fab advert for Honda’s clean-and-quiet diesel engines is far-out in a groovy kind of way! It’s narrated and sung by Garrison Keilor (I won’t hold that against Honda…much…), and has a Wiki page of its own. Good thing—or too bad—this spot wasn’t VW’s, because then think of the parodies and mockery. Like the Accord wagon in “Cog”, Honda diesels weren’t and aren’t sold in North America; chalk up two more on the list of nice things we can’t have because reasons.