CC Outtake: 1992 Subaru Loyale: Ready For The Flood

Yes, I have a thing for old Subaru wagons, jacked up like this. From the time it first arrived in 1975, the Subaru Four Wheel Drive wagon (CC here) was a bit of a middle finger salute to all of the ‘real’ 4×4 Jeeps, broncos, Scouts and Blazers. It could tackle just about anything they could, yet it was just a little Japanese shit box. And with a bit of jacking up, it can really go places, and without the disadvantages of harsh-riding, fuel-swilling big truck. Yes, my kind of 4×4.

If I could go back in time, I’d have bought a GL 4WD wagon in 1985 instead of the Jeep Cherokee we did buy that year. The Subaru, comparably equipped, would have cost about 30-40% less, and undoubtedly have given us less trouble than the Jeep, which was anything but a paragon of reliability. And the Subaru would have had more interior room, and gotten a lot better mileage. And Stephanie would have been ok with a mild lift lift. She’s probbaly liked the brush bar and lights too.  Oh well…

I was a bit curious as to how much this lift affects the driveshaft angle. Well, it does, but I suppose it’s not to extreme.

With its independent strut suspension, the clearance is pretty impressive for a passenger-based car.

And if I had gotten one, who knows, I might still be driving it.