CC Vintage Video: GM Really Did Build Imperials – The Frigidaire Imperial Line For 1957 (And More)

GM founder William C. Durant personally invested in Guardian Frigerator Company in 1918, renamed Frigidaire in 1919. It was owned by GM until 1979, when it was sold to White sewing Machine Company, which was in turn bought by Electrolux in 1986. The Frigidaire was the first self-contained electric home refrigerator, and the term “frigidaire” came to commonly be used as slang for all refrigerators. 


Frigidaire engineer Keneth Sisson is credited with the design of the incremental timer, which came to be universally used on washing machines and dish washers. Frigidaire washer were unique in having an up-and-down agitator movement, called Pulsematic.

Frigidaire 1965

Frigidaire made a whole line of high-quality home appliances, and still have a loyal following for their now-vintage units. ’65 GTO? How about a ’65 Custom Imperial Flair Electric Range?

Fridgidaire plant

Profitability suffered in the 70s as all workers were represented by the UAW, and wages and benefits made it impossible to compete with lower-cost manufacturers.

Frigidaire logo

The name still exists, but they’re not the same, without the Mark of Excellence.