CC Smackdown: Battle of the 1969 Blues


Step right up, ladies and gentlemen.  This is a battle of giants, a showdown for the ages, a rumble to remember.  You don’t often see such a sparring of two worthy adversaries like this.


On the right you have the 1969 Buick Electra 225.


Spanning 126.2″ between its hubs, this Buick is the top of the Electra fleet.  With a 360 horsepower, 430 cubic inch V8, she’s sure to light a fire when called upon.


Can’t you see yourself basking in the sun, driving down the highway, surrounded with the richness of this interior?  8,300 people realized they couldn’t live without doing so.


Having a hood ornament bravely leading the way is always a fantastic way to give a man (or woman) a little extra zip in their day.


On the left we have a formidable challenger, a competitor whose sheer vitality and voracity is often overlooked.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 1969 Mercury Marquis.


Don’t let that soft baby blue color deceive you.  This Marquis is packing a 320 horsepower, 429 cubic inch V8 – or it could be optioned up to 360 horsepower.  While this Marquis does tip the scales at 50 pounds more than the Buick, that is only a few gallons of fuel difference – not enough to make either sweat with worry.


Understatement is the forte of this Mercury, produced at a time when understatement and subtlety were in high fashion.  2,300 intuitive people recognized the discreet vibes of this Mercury, choosing to blissfully cruise in a Mercury for their perpetual summer.


This is a square-jawed looker if ever there was.

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