CC Outtake: Ford Model A Roadster

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Going for a top-down drive in one’s convertible is an ideal way for many of us to spend a warm and sunny summer day, and the convertible being a Ford Model A roadster is an unattainable ideal for most.  Not so for this lucky Model A owner recently spotted going for a drive in northern Virginia.  He has a Model A that is not only in a highly desirable body style and attractive red and black color scheme but also well accessorized, with dual sidemount spares and an accessory trunk on the rear bumper that make it a near-twin of the similarly equipped example spotted by jpcavanaugh in June 2012.

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A Ford Model A roadster is a perfect vehicle for transporting one to a long-ago, simpler time, and the scene where it was spotted is a good example of what many people are trying to transport themselves away from.  Those familiar with northern Virginia will recognize from the street sign in the first photo that the location was a short distance away from a major cluster of big box stores.  This second photo shows the Model A waiting at a red light surrounded by a minivan, a CUV, and plain white sedans.  Unlike the others, the driver of this Model A clearly is enjoying simple open-air mobility, not going to buy jumbo packages of Diet Coke or toilet paper.  A Model A cannot reach the 88 miles per hour necessary to travel backward in time in Doc Brown’s DeLorean, but it can take you slowly but pleasurably back to another time.


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