CC Gallery: Up Close And Personal With The Cars From The 2014 CC Meetup

37 Cord 1

If you attended the CC Meetup in Auburn, Indiana early this month, you may have seen me squatting, sitting on the ground, or down on one knee, bringing my camera close to the awesome automobiles we found at the two museums we visited. Some of those up-close shots turned out well, and I’m going to share them with you here. This post is going to be long on photos and short on words – I’ll let the photos mostly speak for themselves! 

37 Cord 2

This 1937 Cord really reflected the Auburn logo painted in the nearby window.

Auburn 3

I forget what year and model Auburn this is, but it was the first one we saw inside the National Auto & Truck Museum.

1936 Auburn 2

I love hood ornaments. Here’s one from a 1936 Auburn. That’s Jim Klein in the background.

31 Duesy

And a 1931 Duesenberg.

36 Pierce-Arrow

And a 1936 Pierce-Arrow — my favorite hood ornament of the day.

38 Packard

And a 1938 Packard.

65 Stude Wagonaire

Last but not least, an unrestored 1965 Studebaker Wagonaire.

23 Duesy

Photographed in much the same theme, here’s the radiator cap from a 1923 Duesenberg.

1936 Auburn

This 1936 Auburn was supercharged.

Cord 810 prototype

This gilded Cord nose reflected nicely into the fenders. This car was one of the prototypes.

ACD museum

Finally, inside the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg museum, it wasn’t just the cars that had lovely details. The building itself was gorgeous, with excellent detail everywhere you looked. Notice how the themes in this light are carried over into the beams across the ceiling.

I shot a roll of black-and-white film in my 1968 Yashica Lynx 14e at these museums, too. That camera with its enormous f/1.4 lens was born to take photos inside in low light. The film is at the processor’s now, and I’ll share the best of those photos in an upcoming post.